Sectional Sofas Santa Rosa

We are happy to bring a wide selection of sectional sofas to Santa Rosa customers. Sectional sofas have become the center of the family and living rooms, and with good reason! Whether it’s just one person laying down while reading a book or an entire family playing Charades, this type of sofa offers comfortable, relaxed seating for all. We carry beautiful, cozy offerings from brands like Lee, American Leather, Roe, Marshfield, and Luonto.

Marshfield Sectional

One of the benefits of sectional sofas for Santa Rosa families is their size. These types of sofas are typically large sections that fit together to make an L-shape with a chaise lounge on one end. They can also be a U-shape with two chaises on either end. This arrangement allows plenty of seating for family movie night. We carry sectional sofas in a variety of sizes. If you are looking for an extra-large couch to accommodate lots of family members and friends, we have it! We also have smaller versions for people with smaller spaces who still want to enjoy the comfort and seating options that sectionals offer. There is a lot of flexibility with this type of couch for rearranging to meet your needs and your space. Whatever size you’re looking for, our friendly staff can help you find the perfect sectional for your home.

In addition to sizes, we also offer a fantastic range of fabrics, colors, and styles of sectional sofas for Santa Rosa customers. Getting a sectional is not a one-size-fits all experience! Our experienced staff will walk you through different options and how they can work with your existing décor. This includes working with your color scheme, finding the couch that suits your style, and considering your lifestyle. For example, do you frequently have guests come to visit? Then a sectional sofa with a built-in bed might be a good choice for seating and an extra bed. When you talk to us about what you need out of a sofa, we can help find the perfect sectional for your home. Come by Old Town Furniture and Furniture Depot in Railroad Square to find your next couch!