Sofa Vacaville

Curved Sofa by Marshfield

You are in the market for a new sofa in Vacaville. You want a well-made couch that can put up with the wear and tear of your family life while looking good. Old Town Furniture has well-made living room furniture that can withstand your daily life while retaining its beauty! Our furniture store is packed with high-quality furnishings, including collections that are made in the U.S.A. and are built to grace your home for years to come.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect sofa in our Vacaville furniture store. You may have a precise idea of what you want in a sofa or you can rely on our experienced crew to help find the perfect piece to match your current style and space. We can assist you in finding just the right living room furniture, from the color, material, size, and style of your sofa to the end tables, lamps, media center, coffee tables, chairs, and more. Depending on your space, you can find the sofa for your Vacaville home: a comfy loveseat for a cozy sitting room, a large sectional for an expanded family home, a sleeper sofa for guests, a matching sofa and chairs set for a living room, etc. Each home is unique; we can help find the right sofa to seamlessly fit in with your house and lifestyle. Not only do we consider functionality (sleeper sofa, L-shaped sectional, loveseat, and more) but aesthetics as well. We can help customize a sofa exactly for your space, such as picking materials, size, and shape of the sofa. Don’t just get any sofa – get the sofa that your family will love for years to come.

Your next sofa is waiting for you at our Vacaville store. Come see our wide selection of living room furnishings and talk to our helpful staff about your dream couch. For over forty years we have filled Northern California homes with beautiful and well-made furniture. We look forward to helping you!