Rustic Furniture Santa Rosa

Rustic furniture gives any home a charming, inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like you just set foot in a cozy retreat. Blending well with a range of interior styles and décor, Rustic furniture is the perfect addition to make any room in your home unique. At Furniture Depot, we offer high-quality furniture in a wide variety of styles and materials. With over 39 years in the furniture business, we can help you select the perfect piece to accent your existing décor. Whether you’ve been searching for Rustic furniture for sale or you have your heart set on another style, you’ll love our selection! Visit us and our sister store, Old Town Furniture, located right next door in downtown Santa Rosa.

Rustic Furniture Santa Rosa

The term “Rustic” is fairly broad, with many different styles fitting into this category of furniture. At its core, the style emphasizes the use of natural materials in their most organic form. You’ll often find that Rustic design incorporates rough, raw materials, like reclaimed, recycled, distressed, or unfinished wood. Leather, dark-stained wood, and soft-textured natural fibers are also common elements. The color palette tends to be fairly warm and neutral, utilizing natural shades of brown, green, and gray. Rustic style is welcoming, comfortable, and makes you want to curl up and relax the day away.

Unique & High Quality Furniture

Keeping with its natural focus, Rustic furniture is handmade, with a simple design and an earthy feel. Every piece is entirely unique. The color and grain vary from piece to piece, making it completely one of a kind. Since the focus is on the natural elements of the materials, traditional Rustic furniture lacks modern materials like plastic or shiny synthetic fibers. The furniture is generally oversized and designed to feel cozy and casual. Rustic works wonderfully with many interior design styles, including Farmhouse, Cabin, Coastal, Cottage, and Tuscan. It’s also is an excellent addition for eclectic homes that combine a variety of styles.

If you’ve been searching for Rustic furniture for sale in Santa Rosa, stop by our store, located in Historic Railroad Square. Our friendly team would be happy to help you select the perfect piece for your home. We carry furniture for every room, including entertainment rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining, and living rooms. We also offer unique home accents and accessories to add that special finishing touch! And if you need even more selection, check out Old Town Furniture next door. Or, feel free to give us a call at 707-575-3198.